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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seasons are Changing

This is not going to be a long blog but I wanted to share a few things before I fall asleep! I'm moving into my 2nd week at the new job, which is going wonderfully well. Also moving into my 3rd week of classes at Trident Tech (more in a bit). I'm continuously packing and decluttering in preparation for my move in just over 5 weeks!! Life has been absolutely crazy here lately!!

Monday August 30th I started a new job as an Inside Sales Rep for a tool supply company. Even though I dont know hardly anything about these tools/nuts/bolts/etc I am really enjoying the job. I work with 4 guys who are great and very understanding that I will ask them the same question a million times over ( I just want to get it right :)). The hours seem to fly by and although I dont care for the longer drive or the traffic, so far its been okay. Getting up early still proves to be a challenge, especially since I'm a night owl and it takes forever for me to settle into bed at night. But God willing it will become a habit and come easier as the days go by.

This fall I transferred to Trident Tech College (TTC) in order to take more classes for less money. CSU was just getting too expensive and I really wasn't digging the business degree classes. So I changed my major to Associate of Arts which seems to suit me much better. I'm hoping to get into the Journalism & Creative Writing classes by next fall after getting some core credits out of the way. I am still doing the online classes so I'm basically at my own pace and just have to make the due dates. So far so good. I"m taking English 101; CPT 102 (computer); and Western Art History 108. The art history isn't exactly interesting as I care nothing about art from those time periods, but it is a fairy easy and enjoyable class so I can't complain. English is fairly easy too...basically just reading stories and giving your opinion. Later on I think we have a paper to write (like a big paper). Just got the assignment for the first paper---500 words. Not too bad just time consuming. And computer of course is pretty much a piece of cake, just takes a lot of time getting stuff done. So Lord willing I will maintain my high GPA again this fall. The business finance class at CSU over the summer I finally finished after a lot of torture and stress and ended up with a B somehow (Thank YOU GOD!!). Still brought my GPA down to a 3.8 but at least I passed with fairly flying colors!

Catalyst is wonderful! I am so thankful every one of my church family is in my life!! Daily I am thankful for what God has done for us and for me through them! It is a beautiful thing to be a part of something so incredibly real!! Words are hard to describe what I have found in my church!! Honestly the best way to know is to come see for yourself!! We're crazy people who love the Lord and strive to do His will!!

As said above I am in the final weeks of being in my neighborhood of 18 years and my home of almost 5 years. It is a bittersweet moment and it has hit me a few times that everything I know as "home" is going to change very soon!! Sooner than I'm ready I think. I will miss the simple things, like my crepe myrtle trees, my azalea bushes, my flower bed I've worked so hard on, being able to watch my neighbors come and go, being able to walk across the yard to Nana's or down the street to Mom & Dad's, having the room to dog sit for friends, letting my dog run the space of 2 full front yards after his tennis ball... I grew up here and I know the majority of the people that live in the close vicinity of my house. I will miss surprise visits from my family when they're out walking the dog or something and just stop by. It's amazing how much we take for granted!

On the other hand I am excited and looking forward to moving into my own little apartment and having that chance to start over with a clean slate. I am trying to declutter like a mad woman so I dont have to move so much of this stuff but I'm afraid its still going to be a lot to move. I'm kind of embarrassed that as one person I have so much to move!!! I have packed a ton of boxes and you can't really tell. Although I will say parts of my house are starting to look empty as I pack some things away.

I have been picking out colors and such for my new place. Of course I can't (or won't) paint, but I have picked out colors for my bathroom, "theme" for my living room, colors for my kitchen, and in my head I've been arranging furniture and stuff. I'm so excited that I get to take my porch swing with me! I was seriously going to cry if I wouldn't have been able to put it up at the apartment. Its just a simple one bedroom one bath but there is a lot of storage space and big windows that let in a lot of light and a screened in patio too. I'm on the second floor so although it is a bit of a hike to move stuff in (or out one day), it will be well worth it. I'm looking forward to the pool and the fitness center too.

Well, guess I wrote a bit more than intended tonight huh? Ah well hope you enjoyed catching up with me.