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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Halfway to a Year

We are halfway to a year already!! Kensei turned 6 months last Thursday!!! She is growing up WAY too fast!!! Where is that teeny, tiny baby that slept all the time and was sooo little!?!?!

We started solid foods shortly after the first of May. She has had avocado, banana, apple, sweet potato, carrots, green beans, beets, and yellow squash. The avocado was a hit the first time, not so much the second time around. Bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes are her absolute favorites!! Carrots and green beans are next, and we just introduced beets and squash. I don't think she quite knows what to make of those two yet!! We've got oatmeal, pumpkin, peas, peaches, pears, and possibly some chicken in the near future. Although we get jarred food on WIC, I prefer to make her food on my own so I know exactly what is in it and she is getting fresh food with nothing added!

What has Kensei learned in the last month??
Oh, wow, let's see...

  • She has learned how to "gargle" and loves to make that sound! 
  • She will laugh and laugh at anything silly you do..funny faces, different sounds, acting surprised. 
  • She can sit up by herself now...YES, by herself!!! 
  • She does tip over after a few minutes but she loves to sit and play with her toys! 
  • She has learned how to play "Boo" (peek a boo) and will often play it by herself, covering her face and uncovering it. If you don't say "boo" when she uncovers it she looks at you with this pitiful look as if to say, "did I do it wrong?". 
  • She gets so excited when she sees us in the morning, or after naps that she gets the "shakes" she's jumping up and down but doing it while laying down! We'll have to get it on video! 
  • Oh, and she can scoot on her back upwards (whichever direction her head is pointing)! 
  • She still HATES being on her tummy and will scream until you pick her up if she finds herself in that position. The other night she ROLLED OVER in her sleep, and a few minutes later was screaming hysterically, even after I picked her up! We have never forced her to have tummy time and I know she will enjoy it in time, but I didn't think it was that big of deal! Apparently, it is to her!
  • She has an exersaucer at my mom's that she loves and has discovered how to turn the seat around! 
  • If you hold her up in a standing position she laughs and dances and pretends to walk! 
  • Her auntie got her a sippy cup and she didn't like the handles! I took the handles off and she loves it! 

It is such a joy to watch this sweet little girl grow up and also breaks my heart that its happening so fast!
We have so many pictures of her and hopefully this summer we will see her sisters and be able to get pictures with all three of our girls together!!

There are two things I do miss from our pre-parenthood life: sleeping and reading. Even when I do have time to read, I only get a few paragraphs read before I find myself dozing off!! And sleeping...well...they say you never get that back! LOL! Oh, well, it is completely worth it to have our sweet bundle of joy in our lives!!!