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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Weekend!!

This has been an absolute, amazingly beautiful weekend!!! Jenn & Lee tied the knot Saturday at Edisto Beach and are now Mr & Mrs Barkley!!! :)! Pictures are posted to my facebook if you want to see them but here is the happy couple:
It was a beautiful ceremony on Edisto Beach with many of their close friends and family!! The day couldn't have been more perfect!! Joey officiated a beautiful service! I loved the "Holy ground" part where he asked everyone to take off their shoes before he prayed because we were standing on Holy ground. How is the beach Holy ground you ask?? Well, because everywhere God is present, it's Holy ground...and God was definitely present at this wonderful joining of man and wife!
The reception was held closer to home and we all partied til almost midnight!! Great food, awesome dance moves, wonderful mix of music, very sweet bartender, beautiful decorations, great friends, and tons of laughs!! There were so many inside jokes I don't think I could list them all if I tried!! I vote this wedding the best of 2010!!! :)

After the wedding festivities were over I came home and literally crashed! Slept off the drinks I had (new favorite, but only had two over the course of the night!) til about 930 Sunday morning!! My Sunday was filled with selling stuff off craigslist, errands, and homework! (Saturday morning was filled with packing packing and more packing!!) 

My new job is going great!! I do miss the girls' I worked with but I'm really enjoying this new phase of my life. It is a long and tiring drive to and from work and I can no longer get up 20 min before and be there on time, but the perks of the job are worth it! My boss has been out of town this last week so it's been a bit hectic but that's okay. I'm grateful I can wear jeans and a top every day and not necessarily a "uniform" per say. I'm very grateful for the hours I get each week and most days the hours fly by so I'm grateful for that too (because the days don't drag by!). 

I have less than 3 weeks til I move into my new apartment!! I am so far behind packing stuff its not even funny!! I get keys in two weeks and intend to start moving little things like clothes and groceries and such so that there wont be so much "little" stuff to move on moving day! I'm super grateful for the people who are going to be helping me move! Hopefully we can all get it done in a couple hours and it won't take all day!

This week I need to officially change my address and get that paperwork rolling. Then I need to decide what I'm going to do for internet (ugh) and I have to call my utility companies and set a date to have the utilities shut off in this house. I need to find out if I can cancel my house insurance once the foreclosure process officially starts or if I have to keep it for a while! So much to do and so little time!! And have to accomplish it in between work and classes and packing!!

Classes are going well!! Maintaining an A so far which is a sigh of relief!! Started a debate in English class which can be read under "Notes" on my facebook page. Aced my first computer test and B'd my first Art test! Getting ready to pay off CSU from my stupid summer course that I took and then I'll officially be withdrawn from there.

That about catches you up on the Life of Jess right now. I'm gonna head on in to bed here in a few and get ready to start another week!! God is so good and I'm so thankful for my Catalyst family!! I can't believe its been almost 2 years since He brought us together!!! Here we are in the very beginning:
 And here's part of us today:
God has been doing amazing work in each of our lives individually and has done some amazing things for us as a group!! I'm so thankful that He put me in the right place at the right time! I wouldn't be who I am today without the wisdom, encouragement, love, and support from this wonderful group of people!! :)