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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Stress will do many things to a person. It will make them irritable and tired; frustrated and easily provoked. It hampers common sense and it raises blood pressure. Stress has been the name of my days lately. Not really work, other than long hours. Church...a little bit...I'm unsure of what I'm supposed to be doing now. Marriage...ah yes...quite a bit but its mainly because there are 2 stubborn people living together, trying to learn the art of give and take. I guess there are lots of little things that I let stress me out...things like, not having the house spotless, laundry done, yard cleaned up, shopping done, etc. My desk as we speak is a total mess of paperwork, pens, electronics, and more. My coffee table has tons of magazines/catalogs and other miscellaneous on it. Not to mention my dining room table, our nightstands, and my kitchen counters! I hate clutter, but have a hard time letting go of anything. I believe in: "a place of everything and everything in its place" and yet, I don't seem to have a place for everything. I stress because I can't give my foster dogs the time and attention they need/deserve. I stress because there doesn't always seem to be enough money for all the bills, gas, groceries and extras. I stress because I badly want to paint my house and put hard flooring in, but there isn't enough money right now to do that. I stress because I want to lose 20lbs, but am not motivated enough to exercise regularly or constantly eat right! I think I need a vacation away from everything! A hideaway in the mountains or a cottage on the beach. Somewhere to go that is peaceful, non-commercialized, relaxing, quiet...with no phone to answer, no email to check, no dogs to take out, no house to clean or dishes to do or dinner to cook. Just to get away from everything and revamp! ~~~

Friday, November 21, 2008

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue

Hey Everyone! This is not your typical blog.....
Most of y'all know that I foster for Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. Although I love doing it, I'm at my wits end right now. I have Josi & Bobbie/Buddy. Buddy needs a good home as he is a very young pup and is at the "impressionable" age. Josi needs one too but since she's going through heart worm treatment, right now she would be a foster-to-adopt. I'm at my wits end because of stress; and its not fair to my fosters to not get the attention they need/deserve. They are both very sweet but I worry--especially about Buddy because he does not like the crate and they are in there for 10 hours a day with only one short potty break during my lunch hour. I also do not get the time necessary to truly work with them on their different manners and such.

Please pass these links below to all your friends!! My 2 fosters are: Josi (white female boxer) who is about 2 years old and Bobbie-Buddy (fawn male boxer) who is about 8-9 months old! I need your help in finding these two their forever home!! View their "blogs" below to learn more about them and send the links to all your friends and family! Consider adopting them for your own homes if the time is right. Help me help these babies find their forever family!! If you'd like to put a flyer up, maybe where you work, email me and I can send you that.
If you would like to consider fostering or adopting one of these or another boxer, visit the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue website ( and put in your application! We are always in desparate need for both foster homes and people to adopt! Feel free to use me as one of your references!
Thank you for all your help!
Welcome Josi (*top link*) & Buddy (*bottom link*) to your Family!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Broken, Crushed...Hope

Sunday dawned bright! An extra hour to sleep in thanks to DST. A 30 min drive to church. A shocking surprise awaiting me. Heartbreaking news found its way to my ears within 10 min of getting there. I sobbed almost the entire service. Nobody died, but it felt like they had. The church was packed, but yet it felt so empty. I wanted to immediately type a blog but I waited. This week has been rough...all the "what ifs?" running through my head; not to mention the "why's?" and "how could it..?" Today I found the whole story...the truth if you will. It was not as it seemed; it was almost much worse. But I'm thankful to have the friends I do; I'm thankful to have the whole TRUE story. I am just so sorry it had to end like this. But my friend is right...God is and was watching out for us; He knew this would happen and He will make something good come of it. "Though sorrow may last for the night; HIS joy comes in the morning." There is light right around the corner and I believe that God will be glorified in all that is to come. Though many hearts were broken with this turn of events, I hope they will remain strong in the Lord and find comfort in his Word!!