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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tribute to 9/11

My Thoughts and Feelings of September 11, 2001

“Where were you when the world stopped turning…?” by Alan Jackson is a song that will never let us forget September 11, 2001. I, for one, will never forget where I was when I heard that awful news. Sitting in Mrs. Jenkins’ 3rd period English class at Summerville High School, the principal came over the PA system, told us what was going on, and asked for a moment of silence.
Some took the time to pray, while others just showed respect by indeed staying quiet. Life took on a different meaning for America. Red, white, and blue burst out all across the US. Song artists almost immediately began to write, sing, and record songs meant to commemorate this day. Flags went up on cars, houses, and poles. Stores were even selling out of flags because so many people were showing their pride and support for America.
Life took on a different meaning for myself, too. Though I did not lose any friends or family, my heart went out to those who did. I watched the plane that crashed into the towers and the Pentagon. Then there was the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives that day and watching, hearing, feeling their pain, my heart just broke in two.
I thought of the kids whose parents were not going to be home to tuck them into bed. Of the wives whose husbands were fighting to save others, and yet lost their lives in the line of duty. I thought of the husbands whose wives would not return from work that night and of the people who called family and friends for one last goodbye. The babies and young children who would never know one, or perhaps both, of their parents never left my mind.
As I watched the news coverage on nearly every channel, my heart went out to EVERYONE as they dealt with the horror of this and came to the reality that it really was happening. Tears fell down my cheeks as I listened to the many stories of the survivors and read the many emails that were circulated. The pictures that were all over made me gasp in shock. I thanked God that my family was not among those who lost loved ones; that my friends and people I know were not there when the planes crashed. I thanked God for the fact that I would go home to my parents and my sisters that evening, while many would not.
Showing my love and respect for my country has become even more important now than before. When family or friends are flying, I literally hold my breath until I know for sure that they are safely at their destination. Security measures have increased drastically all over America since 9-11, but it does not ensure America’s safety. All the security measures in the world will never make me feel 100% safe. A terrorist, a bomb; anything like this can slip by security, at anytime.
September 11 has caused me to rethink life. I feel that I have a higher respect for my family, my friends, and myself. Also, for the authorities that risk their lives everyday for me, and for people in general. My faith in God has become stronger. Without Him I, and many, many others would never have made it through this tragedy. No one is granted life and for each of us it will end one day. No one can or should take life for granted and 9-11 has definitely caused more and more people to cherish every single moment they have.
Like Pearl Harbor, Attack on America 9-11 is the one day that will never be forgotten by any American across the nation. The memories, the fright and the terror of this day will be passed down from generation to generation for centuries to come.
Things have changed in America, and this attack will go down in the history books. But for now, and forever,
May God Bless America!!

Written on 9-11-02

Underneath It All

As we watched the flag fly high in the sky

And heard the bells in church steeples chime,

We felt the earth tremble with fear,

As planes crashed into buildings

And people screamed with terror

There were people above and people below

Many with no place to go

With phones they called loved ones

For one last goodbye

They knew they’d never see again

The faces of their family and friends.

Firefighters, policemen, and emergency crew

All trying to save one, even two.

Hundreds of strangers who had the courage

To surrender their lives that day, 9-11.

Red, white, and blue burst forth all over,

Flags with stars and stripes sold out,

Strangers joined hands in prayer

And volunteers came together

To help America out

In her chaotic time of despair.

God Bless the USA!!!!



Written on 3-26-03

Let Freedom Ring

Red, white, and blue

To America we will stay true.

The flag flys proud

Against the clouds

So let freedom ring,

Let freedom ring.

The eagle soars above the trees

Against the glittering sun.

The Statue of Liberty stands guard at the harbor

Reflective of the job already done

So let freedom ring,

Let freedom ring.
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