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Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to the Life of Me

**Our introduction assignment for Creative Writing class I am taking was to write a poem (of sorts) instead of just writing an "about me" paragraph. I don't typically write unless it rhymes, and this doesn't flow in every line, but I thought it was pretty accurate.**

Welcome to the Life of Me
Twenty-six years of life this past August
Twelve years spent in school, thought I was done
Here again, year number three, working hard towards my degree.
A daughter, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, too
Married before but not for too long, found out he wasn’t the one
Reconnected with a high school friend,
Weak-kneed I fell, falling in love,
Now truly happy and engaged to the man of my dreams
Excited for the promises the future brings.
A beauty consultant I am, teaching ladies to care for their skin
Books are my passion, family & friends are my life,
Four-legged critters I call my kids,
And a soon to be a step-mom to two beautiful girls.
A published author am I, with one piece of work
A writer met with years of writers block
Taking this course to open that box
Passionate for poetry and short fiction,
I hope that I find my writing addiction!
Forty-six days left til a big move
Packing my life into boxes and bags
To start a new life in a town miles away.
Fiancée starts new work on Wednesday
While classes have started for me today.
Neighbors are noisy and parking insane!
Pool is green & here comes a hurricane!
Sleep schedule a mess & no job in near sight!
Two pounds gone but sweets call to me at night!
No check in the bank but many bills to pay!
Seems the never-ending list grows longer each day.
Laundry’s  awaiting, oh, and dishes too!
Oh my, what a whirlwind, how about you?