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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Into The World of Writing

Words. Paper. Pen. Scattered thoughts and ideas. People, places, and things. Notebook and laptop. Burning the midnight oil. Writer's block. Imagination. Reality. Poetry. Short stories. Fiction. Non-fiction. Submission. Rejection. Accpetance.

Today is breezy fall day in South Charlotte. Today I am surrounded by writer's market books and writing magazines in a well-known bookstore. So much information to absorb, so many places to start. Does one pick a certain topic and focus on just that one, or should a person explore many topics at the same time and see which one develops the best? 

I want to write. Poetry, children's books, columns, and blogs. I want to become a well-known author; to be published. Even if it were just locally to start.  How does one do this? How does one find their niche and increase their knowledge and expertise? Where does one start on their journey to be an aspiring writer? 

This is the start of my journey to a world where I will unleash the inner writer in me. A world where my imagination can run rampant; where the stories that have lived in the back of my file cabinet labeled "brain" can be brought out into the light. Write, write, write, Rewrite over and over. Add and take away. Submit and find rejection. Submit and find acceptance. 

Join me on this journey to find my niche in the writing world. Join me as I research and rewrite. Ask me questions, offer suggestions. Share your knowledge and I'll share mine. Learn together with me if you dream the same.