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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Me

Happy New Year Everyone!! In 2 hours and ten minutes we will be welcoming 2009!! Where did '08 go and how did it go so fast?! Here are some highlights from my 2008 in no particular chronological order.....

*Celebrated my 23rd Birthday
*Celebrated my 3rd Anniversary with Justin
*Began working at my current job--the vet's--the 1st job I've had that I've truly enjoyed!
*Celebrated my Grandma's retirement
*Celebrated Christmas once again with my extended family on Mom's side
*Joined the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue as a volunteer and foster Mom
*Made some awesome friendships and rekindled a few old ones
*Discovered that I really enjoy a glass of wine! (Blackberry Merlot especially!!)
*Spent a wonderful, relaxing 5 days in the hills of NC with 80+ friends (including my family) as we camped out and learned new survival skills
*Re-instated my Mary Kay business with the hope that it will become self supporting one day
*Sold my baby grand piano!!!
*Paid off one loan and one credit card!!!
*Attended two weddings; both of good and long-time friends
*Held the 3 new babies (2 girls, 1 boys) of my 3 girlfriends
*Rearranged my furniture throughout the house
*Picked out the colors to paint my house
*Started a blog
*Lost 2 kitties and a dog

Here are some highlights I hope to have for 2009---again in no particular order....

*Pay off last credit card
*Pay off at least $3000 on my Xterra
*Lose at least 20lbs and get back in shape
*De-clutter my house: paper clutter/clothes/knick-knacks/etc
*Paint the interior of my house
*Dig deeper into my Bible
*Memorize verses like I did when I was a child
*Become a stronger woman
*Become a stronger wife
*Strive to understand my husband for who he is and his wants/dreams/needs
*Most importantly, become a stronger Christian
*Read all my unread books (Yes, believe it or not they do exist on my shelf!)
*Began writing again ( I really do miss it, but can't seem to make the time to do it)
*Scrapbook more photos in order to preserve them
*PRINT MY WEDDING PHOTOS!! (3 years later!)
*Shower my family with love
*Bless my friends with solid, trusting friendship
*Encourage my younger friends and family to be strong and discover themselves
*Plant a garden; even if its a container garden
*Stay financially focused and on top of things
*Organize my house to make me a more efficient person
*Quit putting things off for tomorrow...especially things like having lunch with friends, dinner with family, walks with my husband, fun with my sisters, relaxing with my grandparents
*Stay in contact with friends and family
*Send REAL MAIL birthday, anniversary, get well, and sympathy cards
*Save for the future but live for today

I believe that 2009 will be an even better year for us than 2008 was. 2008 was a better year than 2007, and it will keep getting better I hope and pray! May each of you also have a very prosperous new year and may the Spirit keep you filled and the love of God help you find your way! May His grace and mercy shower you and may you feel His blessings all year through!

God Bless!!