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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday May-Hem

So the holiday rush is about over. Christmas has come and gone yet another time. Ours was a really great one this year! We had our extended family in town and despite a few small family "feuds", we all had a great time!!
Today, Sunday, everyone pretty much did their own thing for most of the day. Then this evening we all got together at Nana's (the "central hub") and talked, watched a slide-show, sang a song and tried to put off the goodbye's as long as possible!!! My cousin, Savannah and my sister, Lauren (both 16) and I wrote a Christmas song for our Nana and sang it to her again tonight. She loved it, as did everyone in the family!!
Yesterday we started out early and went to Folly Beach. Our goal was to see the Morris Island Lighthouse but even by the time we walked down the beach and around the point, it was still too foggy to see the lighthouse. So we just enjoyed a walk on the beach in the fog, some of us drawing in the sand, others picking up seashells, still others (well, ONE) standing knee deep in the water and then rolling, yes rolling, in the sand!! That last person would've been my cousin, Christopher, who is 9/10 and ALL BOY! LOL! Lots and lots of pictures and video were taken and overall a good time was had! We stopped for lunch afterwards and then after lunch, the girls (Lauren & Savannah--only 6 weeks apart) and I went shopping at Tanger Outlets and Northwoods Mall while the rest of the gang (Uncle Byron, Aunt Sandy, Aunty Heather, Mom, Lil' Heather, Chris, Sarah and Grandpa) went to the Krispy Kreme store and got doughnuts. Oh yea, after all that shopping we came home and everyone had pizza.
Friday was the day after Christmas. I went with my Mom and Dad and Grandpa to run a few errands and buy my new laptop!! Yes, I got a laptop for Christmas!! I was so excited and am still exploring it! For those of you high-tech peoples, its a Toshiba TL-60 with an AMD Turion x2 processor!! Lots of features that I cant' wait to discover! I can't remember what else we did Friday.....hmm...oh well maybe I'll remember later! (20 min later----) DUH!! The day after Christmas is NANA's birthday!!! DUH!! I was sitting here editing pics and realized that! We had party at Nana's Friday night. Our neighbors came down to help celebrate. Mom made a red velvet cheesecake that didn't last long after it was cut, and Aunty Heather served up some "sparkling cider". Another good time was had by all!
Thursday of course was Christmas! What a busy day! I actually had to go into work first thing and work in the kennel so by the time I got back, got a shower, and got ready to go to Nan's for presents and dinner it was close to 11a. There were so many presents to open! We all had a good time! After presents we started making final preparations for dinner and playing with our new toys! We pretty much all hung out at Nana's all day just enjoying the lazy day of family, friends, and food!
Wednesday was a good day too. It was a half day at work for me so I got off at 12, ran into town to get my nails redone and then came home and switched off b/t wrapping presents, cleaning house, and hanging out with family. I was up till 2:30 in the morning wrapping presents! I didn't realize I had gotten so much stuff for everyone! I really hope to get myself organized enough to where I am NOT staying up so late on Christmas Eve 2009!!
Tuesday was a normal work day for me and I admit it was pretty long! But the evening was to hold the biggest surprise. There we were, sitting around Nan's living room, all of us about to fall asleep but not wanting to leave. My dad and my Uncle Byron went out on the front porch. I was sitting closest to the door and my Nana was sitting two chairs away. The door opened and thinking it was just Dad and Byron, I turned quick like, and stopped!!! SURPRISE!! My aunt and two cousins had just arrived! At the last minute over the weekend they weren't supposed to be coming! I thought my Nana' was going to have a heart attack!! Tears were shed by all I do believe!!
Monday was filled with last minute shopping! Surprisingly the roads weren't too terribly bad!
Thats about as far back as my mind will allow me to go right now!HAH! I do remembre that my Grandpa got here the first part of December and we've had a lot of fun times with him!
Last Wednesday was the day that my uncle and his family made it in! It was really awesome! We hadn't seen them since last Christmas and I had never met his wife, my Aunt Sandy! She's an awesome lady! So sweet and just a great person all around! I'm so glad to have met her!

So all in all it was another great Christmas with the "Danels & Co Family Reunion". More tales to come I'm sure! I can't wait for next year although what I would really like to be able to do is take a visit up to Barrow AK! The tippy top of the US!~! That is where Byron, Sandy, & Savannah live right now!

Love to all and Happy New Year!!!