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Saturday, March 20, 2010


planted more flowers today...starting to rake out winters mulch.
can't beat the fire ants!!
loving the spring weather. perfect temp with perfect breeze! beautiful!
hvac is fixed! yay! praying it last for a while now!
needing to get gardent illed by neighbor and start planting!

xx days til camp! so excited and can't wait.
no walk today but worked in yard and probably will "dance" tonight!
need to write again!
fusi knit should be here soon. going to finish up quilt and then work on scrapbooking a little bit. then probably back to sewing projects. i do want to make my best friend a small blanket for her baby, my "nephew". history here---we've known each other since 1st grade and we've been thru thick and thin together! still going strong! i love that girl! she's one of the very few from my childhood that i am still close to. we share everything and call every few days!

have i mentioned i love this weather? nothing makes me feel closer to God than praise music in the background and the absolute wonder of nature. the breeze, the sun, the flowers and trees, birds and other critters! i see God every where i look!

today i bought 4 packs of lunch meat, 3 boxes of oatmeal and a gallon of milk for $6 and some change. :) trying to tone down my shopping siince my pantry is full and i dont really n eed a whole lot of anything