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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life As I Know It

It has been a very long time since I have written any kind of poetry or short stories. I miss it. I miss the freedom of writing and the satisfaction of making something come together. I have not felt any motivation to actually write but today I was going through some things and this just hit me. And it is so incredibly true!! So much of my testimony from 2009 is found here in this poem. Life as I know it has truly come to end this year and I have truly begun to begin again. God is amazing and I can't thank Him enough!


Life as I know It
Life as I know it has come to an end,
Now it is time to begin again.
With blessed assurance I cling to Christ,
My hope is in Him and I walk in the Light.
The trials of this world cannot keep me down,
The stress of human life will not make me frown.
My God above has a plan for me,
His plan has no harm, only prosperity.
His mercy and grace surround me like smoke,
His glorious love fills me with hope.
My God is my Rock and He is faithful and true,
He will not let me fail, He will carry me through.
When times are hard I cry out His name,
In the valley or on the mountain, I will praise Him every day.
Life as I know it has come to an end,
Now with God’s help, I will begin again.
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