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Saturday, September 12, 2009

God is Awesome

Do you know how awesome God is?!?!! My heart is entirely full and my cup runneth over!! He has been incredibly amazing these last few months! I've been going through crap but he has continuously put people and things in my life to remind me that he is there, he is almighty God, and he will always provide!! I have absolutely amazing people in my life who constantly encourage me and have helped me get through the bad times, rejoiced with me in the good, and prayed with me the whole time!! I have an amazing church that I wouldn't trade for the world!! I am so thankful for everything He is doing in my life!! I can't help but feel that right around the corner is something even more amazing!! I am trying to learn to hear Him, and to cling to Him, and I am learning to trust Him more and more!!

Thank you God for everything !!! Just absolutely everything!! ;)