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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Want-To-Do List for Summer

So here's my random want to do list for summer 2012:

Clean up my all the cleanups/updates/virus scans/etc & uninstall anything that isn't being used or pertinent to my computer.

Organize all my photos and files on my computer & backup hard drive. Delete what I don't need/use and back up the whole thing when I'm done.

Upload pictures to snapfish or shutterfly so I can make them into scrapbooks/albums and get them printed quickly as specials come my way.

Organize passwords/log-ins and delete accounts of things I no longer use/have a need for.

Organize all my iTunes music/music on my computer/music on CD's etc so I can find what I'm looking for, delete songs I don't like/have multiples of, and create new, organized playlists.

Clean up and clean out ALL my email addresses and delete the OLD ones!! Unsubscribe from all the junk I get in my folders and organize the folders.
(Wow, a lot of PC housekeeping in my future!!)

Scan into my computer (and organize) all the papers in the scan pile.

Update savings list from couponing.

Make keeping the checkbook/bank account balanced a high priority (starting now). Keep a calender current for bills due, etc.

Research a way to either convert VHS to DVD or replace most of the VHS movies.

Research a way to better store DVD & CD's (music and computer) without taking up so much space.

Organize and label all electronic cords, parts, etc!!

Clean out and organize all scrap book/craft stuff.

Find a sewing machine. Cut "quilt" pieces. Make said quilt.

Have $1000 sales in Mary Kay!!