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Saturday, January 22, 2011



Wow I can't believe that January just got here and yet its almost over!  Yet that means only a little over 2 months until camp!! Woot Woot!! I'm so ready for a few nights on the "hill"; well, rather, a few nights in the valley!! Moreso I can't wait to see all my extended/adopted friends and family and spend a week with them!! I never thought I'd like camping but the very first time I went, I was hooked!! I love love love it!! I wouldn't want to do it alone, though. Not too keen about being out alone in the dark!!

So life has taken a million turns for me in just the last few months! Most recently , I have found a few friends from my past that I have always wondered whatever happened to them. Its been nice to catch up on life with them! I've always been that type of person who wanted to stay in touch with everyone I cared about, but sadly with life happening all around me, it never quite seems to work out that way. Perhaps that’s why I'm so addicted to facebook, because I can semi keep up with everyone and see all the going - on's and such.

School started back up this month. I'm taking english and history. Not terribly thrilled with my world history class. I wanted to take american history, but the class was full so I got put into world history. I don’t like it mainly b/c of the fact that it "starts" a few million years ago. I have a major problem with that. Considering christ was born 2000 yrs ago and the world didn’t' start much beyond that (a few thousand years). And then theres always the fact that the world was created from nothing and was made in 6 days. Some people would say that perhaps there were atoms here. But then if there were atoms here, where did the atoms come from? I started  a whole facebook debate about this one day. Sometimes I post status' for that matter. Other times its because I just want to share.

I'm typing this in microsoft note while driving down the interstate to GA. Well, I'm not driving, but you get my point. I worked on my history essay a little bit. I think I have enough info I can get a good start on it. I'm trying to not wait til the last minute on papers or assignments this semester. I have to bring my GPA back up. I really let everything slide last semester and I can't afford to that again ever. I'm hoping that I'm really going to enjoy my english class b/c, although I don’t necessarily get to write these things, its all on short stoires, poetry, and drama. All the things I loved writing in my creative writing class in high school (thanks Mrs Hogg!!).  Plus we get to read one of my nana's favorite poems by robert frost. She's recited that poem to me from as far back as I can remember. "Stopping by the woods on a snowy day" by Robert Frost! After all these years, I'm finally working on memorizing that poem too.