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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Favorite Things & "Mama Mia"

I have been wanting to write a blog for a while about "a few of my favorite things". But first I have to say that "Mama Mia" is an awesome movie!! It truly does not turn out the way you think it will and even though its a "musical" is a VERY AWESOME movie!! If you haven't watched it, you should probably go rent it tonight!!

Back to my list of favorite things:

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

*Fresh, clean sheets & clean pj's
*Early spring and late fall when the air is cool and crisp with a breeze
*Fall colors
*Spring flowers
*Purples, Teals/Turquoise, & Earth tone colors
*Horses & Hummingbirds
*Boxer dogs
*Orange Cats (and all cats)
*Cast Iron Skillets
*A hot shower after playing in a cold rain
*Good music on the radio, my Ipod, CD's, etc
*A package in the mail
*Fuzzy Socks
*A good book
*Horseback Riding
*Nature photos
*Sunsets on the beach
*Sunsets in the fall
*Sunsets anywhere
*The mountains
*Clean Car Smell
*Having a clean car inside and out
*Clean Linen/Cotton scents
*Flowers in bloom....honeysuckle, wisteria, tulips, daffodils, roses,
*A good chic flick
* cream/frozen yogurt, candy, M&M's, milkshakes, cookies, cake, ....
*Rainy Days when I can stay home and be lazy
*Being organized!
*Checking off a list
*A cold glass of milk
*A long walk in the woods
*Dinner or Lunch with good friends
*Double Rainbows
*Aurora Borealis
*A Good Hairday
*Dressing up with somewhere to go
*Beach scents
*Walking on the beach Barefoot!!
*Watching Dolphins play
*Camping on the Hill
*My front porch swing

There is much more to add to my list but this will get you started!