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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Broken, Crushed...Hope

Sunday dawned bright! An extra hour to sleep in thanks to DST. A 30 min drive to church. A shocking surprise awaiting me. Heartbreaking news found its way to my ears within 10 min of getting there. I sobbed almost the entire service. Nobody died, but it felt like they had. The church was packed, but yet it felt so empty. I wanted to immediately type a blog but I waited. This week has been rough...all the "what ifs?" running through my head; not to mention the "why's?" and "how could it..?" Today I found the whole story...the truth if you will. It was not as it seemed; it was almost much worse. But I'm thankful to have the friends I do; I'm thankful to have the whole TRUE story. I am just so sorry it had to end like this. But my friend is right...God is and was watching out for us; He knew this would happen and He will make something good come of it. "Though sorrow may last for the night; HIS joy comes in the morning." There is light right around the corner and I believe that God will be glorified in all that is to come. Though many hearts were broken with this turn of events, I hope they will remain strong in the Lord and find comfort in his Word!!