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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 and Kensei's 1st Birthday

Merry Christmas (a day late) everyone!! I cannot believe that Christmas 2013 has come (and gone) again!! Another year is drawing to a close and another chapter in our lives is closing.

Christmas Day dawned a little late in our house! Baby girl slept til almost 930 and we certainly snoozed ourselves! Once she was awake we all went out to the front room to sit on blankets by the tree and open our presents! We got her an activity cube from Target and she loved it! I think she played with that for a good ten minutes or so before moving on to the next item! She also liked trying to unwrap our presents haha!
We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and went down the road to Mom & Dad's to open presents with them! Kensei at this point could've cared less about opening presents! Ah well, it was fun watching her play with the seasoning spice her Daddy got!

I am so thankful that hubby had off for Christmas Eve and Day! We had a great couple days off getting things done and being lazy together! Yay for quiet days off!!

We hosted Christmas dinner for a few people and enjoyed their company! My baby girl got to play with a friends little one and watching them interact and "talk" was sweet!

Kensei turned 1 a few weeks before Christmas and we had her birthday party with a few of her little friends! At first, she wasn't interested in presents but once that paper started to surround her she decided it would be fun to play with! Needless to say, Mama opened most of her presents!

I had made homemade cupcakes and frosting instead of a big cake! We ended up doing the whole "smash" cake a few days later and loved watching her "eat" her cupcake! She had so much fun and the smiles on her face were priceless!

I cannot believe my little girl is growing up so fast and how fast this year went by! Seems it was just beginning yesterday.....