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Friday, August 16, 2013

Took the plunge...

After reading my sister's blog entry regarding shaving with baby oil, I decided to give it a try myself. I first saw this idea on Pinterest, and pinned it, but never got around to trying it for myself. My sister now swears by it, so I grabbed the bottle of baby oil as I stepped into the shower. Other than trying to figure out how to not spill the bottle in the shower, I shaved just as I normally would with beautiful results!! 

It did not clog my razor and my legs were left soft and silky smooth! I'm very pleased with the results and feel that I will continue to use this instead of body wash for shaving!! 

Update 8/21/13: It's been almost a week and I have continued to use the baby oil method for shaving...with great results! I'm loving the super soft feeling afterwards!! Although I feel I need to get a smaller bottle to keep in the shower and refill it as I need. Currently I only have the gigantic bottle and it's a bit challenging to maneuver with wet hands!