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Monday, April 15, 2013

18 Weeks and Counting

Our little monkey is almost 5 months old!! It is so hard to believe that she is growing so very fast! She has changed my life and I love being a Mommy!!

Kensei will be 5 months on April 29th. She is wearing 6-9 month clothes and moved to size 3 diapers this month!! She cut her first tooth over the last weekend at camp (April 5). Believe it or not she is nearly sitting up by herself and very close to rolling over! Toes are her newest thing and she LOVES to play with your fingers...if she's not chewing on them first! She has more teeth working towards breaking through! This baby girl is all smiles and laughs! We have been blessed with such a good baby!! She has picked up "growling" from somewhere and will lay there for a length of time just listening to herself! Since about 2 1/2 months she has basically been sleeping through the night. Bedtime is usually around 10 or so and she generally sleeps til 7 or 8 with a little bit of fussiness a couple times through the night (generally eased with a paci and/or a diaper change). We have been teaching her sign language and so far she can (mostly) sign "Momma" (much to Daddy's dismay). She probably doesn't have a clue what it means but she will learn and hopefully teaching her to sign will, among other things, help keep our tantrums to a minimum as she grows up!

Kensei even went on her first camping trip to PWYP in the mountains of NC!! It was pretty chilly that week but she did wonderful and had lots of fun meeting her extended family and new friends!!

Within the next month, we will be starting her on solid foods! After reading lots of information, we've decided to make our own baby food as much as possible, starting with avocados and bananas! I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she takes her first bites!!

A few more things I've learned as the journey of Mommy-hood continues:

  • No matter what time in the morning (or night) it is, seeing your baby girl's smile is always worth it.
  • You really do go through more diapers and wipes than you ever thought possible!
  • You do not have your own schedule now. Your schedule is her schedule!
  • Baby-wearing is an art that takes time to perfect for you and your LO, but is so incredibly worth it!
  • Holding your baby as she falls asleep with her head on your chest is one of the sweetest moments!
  • Getting out of the house on time, with everything you need (the first time) is a huge that you don't have very often!! ;) 
  • The actions and expressions you find your baby doing are priceless, cute, and half the time hilarious!
  • Pictures and video are worth a thousand words, and everyone wants a copy! 
:) I love being a Mommy and I (we) have been incredibly blessed with a very sweet, happy baby (except for bedtime!)!! I do NOT wish these early months and years away but I do know that I can't wait to watch her develop and learn new things! She will be rolling, crawling, and into everything before we know it!