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Friday, September 7, 2012

A Random Vent

Feeling anxious tonight and just need to vent/list make a little bit. So much I feel I need to do but I'm so exhausted by the time I get home from work and with very few days off I am overwhelmed. My list continues to grow and yet I never seem to truly mark things off the list. The more I/we clean the dirtier the house seems to get---or maybe its just that it get dirtier quicker. Sigh. With a dog, three cats, and the two of us the dust and critter hair and dirt is never-ending.  I know its just "stuff" and its the pregnancy hormones, my OCD, and the nesting all kicking in at the same time, but I truly cannot stand to be so disorganized!! I am quickly getting to a point in my life where clutter is not welcome anymore. I still have a terrible time getting rid of things but little by little clutter is working it's way OUT!  (Disclaimer....just because it says "I" does not mean I am not including my husband. He is a part of my "I".)    

These are the things I need/want that I feel will make this process go a little faster. I need a sewing machine. Period. That will help with a lot. I need a media cabinet for DVD's/CD's/VHS (if they will fit), and hubby's games. I need a place for the extra electronic stuff we don't use on a daily basis but that's not very pretty to look at it. I need a cabinet of sorts to house the fragile items. I will find one. Sooner than later I hope. Wish I had a place to unpack the fragile boxes to evaluate how much space I think I will need. I need some way to organize the toys, coloring books, clothes, and all else that comes with two little girls (and another on the way). I need shelves for the wall in the kitchen and the bedroom. I need some command hooks to put in the storage room for bags and coats and such. I need monkey hooks or the like for hanging the rest of the pictures/wall hangings. I need to figure out a better paper organizing system and get rid of more paper-stuff we don't need to hang on to. I need to find a way to menu plan so that maybe we eat better and don't have the constant question of "what's for dinner?". 

I need to find a way to get more income coming into our house so that we can pay off this stinking debt that is hanging over our heads and sitting on my shoulders and weighing me down. That would be a huge thing!! Not including my student loans I have probably $6000 hanging over my head.....not a lot to some people but too much for someone who doesn't make much and has many other things she'd like to do with her life.  I love the organizing blogs I read and have gathered a bunch of great ideas but getting started is the hardest part. Trying not to spend a lot of money to do so is also a challenge.  

Sigh. Well, I've vented a bit and now I need to go try to sleep as I work early in the morning. Maybe tomorrow will have a bit of productivity in it for me. I sure hope so.