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Monday, December 6, 2010

December 2010 -- 25 Things about Me

This is just a mindless post tonight to occupy my sleepy brain!

1. to watch CSI: Miami & NY, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice!

2. not have cable TV; haven't in almost 3 years.

3. ...has stayed in a hotel a total of 3 times in my life

4. dying to get debt paid off! but still have a hard time getting on /sticking to a budget!

5., love, love saxophone and guitar music!

6. ... went Black friday shopping for the first time this year and LOVED it!!!!

7. ...was born in Fairbanks, AK...dont' believe me? ask my parents!!

8. ...absolutely love the smell of fresh clean sheets!

9. ...loves late fall and early spring, but loves it even more when i can spend it in the mountains!

10. ...would sit and read for hours if I could.

11. .. lived in the same neighborhood for 18+ years.

12. ... is so amazed at how far God has brought me and what he is doing in my life on a daily basis!!

13. ..hate to get out of bed in the mornings but love being up early!

14. ...absolutely loves my hair when its cut shorter and completely straight!

15. ...cannot stand backyard breeders or people who wont get their animals fixed!! Maybe they should go look at the shelters and see where their puppies end up! There should be strict, mandatory tests to pass for anyone to breed & there should be a nationwide LAW that any dog/cat not for breeding is to be fixed!! (ok stepping off the soapbox now!)

16. a poet and an author...and have more books in my head!

17. ...had braces twice; had first hole in ears pierced twice; just recently got my 2nd holes pierced!

18. ...have never broken a bone in my body or had measles/chicken pox, etc (and pray I never do!).

19. cucumbers but hate pickles!

20. ...absolutely love CAMPING!!  120 days left til camp 2011!!!

21. playing the piano but can sing better than i can play!!

22. not and have never had any wisdom teeth!

23., love, love Eeyore, GRITS (Girl Raised in the South); anything with the Palmetto emblem; monogrammed initials....anything girly!

24. ...would love to go to Florida to see white sand and clear water; Montana/Colorado to see rolling green meadows in the mountains; Kentucky to see the bluegrass and the Kentucky Derby; Maine to see the tip top of the East Coast; Chincoteague to see the Chincoteague ponies; Alaska to see my family and re-experience it; Disney World because, well, its Disney World!!

25. ...would love to  my creative juices flowing again and write like I used to!