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Sunday, December 6, 2009


I'm ready. For what you ask? I'm not sure what it is that I'm ready for, but I'm ready. I'm ready to see what new things God is going to do for me in this coming year. I'm ready to see what awesome things He is going to do with my church, Catalyst. I'm ready. I'm ready to "Run the win the prize..."; I'm ready to see what great things He has in store for me.

I'm ready to do what I need to do to pay off bills and debt and build savings. I'm ready to find a small, cozy place to call my own that I can afford. I'm ready for new beginnings.

Catalyst was really, super awesome tonight! We talked about Job and how he had everything taken from him except his life and he praised God through every tragedy he faced. We talked about Christmas and what it is really all about. We talked about the names in Genesis 5: Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, & Noah. We talked about how these names mean (in order): Man, Appointed, Mortal, Sorrow, The Blessed God, Shall Come Down, Teaching, His death shall bring, The Despairing, Rest/Comfort. Do you see the beautiful message that is in Genesis 5, almost hidden in all those names? Read it again...."Man was Appointed, but he was Mortal, full of Sorrow. The Blessed God Shall Come Down Teaching and His death shall bring The Despairing, Rest & Comfort." What a beautiful promise that was made. Now, reread the meaning for "Jared"...."Shall Come Down". That's what Christmas is all about...about how Christ "came down" for us!! I love finding the "hidden" promises like these!!!

This is why I am ready! I am fired up and ready to roll!! Nothing like a beautiful night of preaching with amazing and wonderful friends and family to get you fired up and ready to roll for GOD! And since it's the first Saturday of the month, we went to Famulari's (a local pizza joint), and enjoyed some great pizza and awesome fellowship!

It is time....time to pull out Christmas decorations and put the tree up. Time to scrub the house down and reorganize. Time to enjoy friends and family who come to call. Time to clear out all the clutter....household clutter and "body" clutter too. Time to start fresh. Time to prioritize responsibilities and stay on top of things. It is time. There's beautiful weather outside, Christmas music on the radio, bright stars in the sky, holiday happenings around town, presents to buy and wrap...and unwrap too! Time for family gatherings, ham & turkey & all the fixings. Time to treasure our friends (and our family!!). Time to remember why we're remember that there is a HIGHER calling! "This world is not my home, I'm just passing through."

As we move on into the Christmas season, full steam ahead....stop and remember the REASON for the SEASON! No greater gift has been given than that of Jesus Christ! His birth was the greatest gift of all and we are so blessed to be able to celebrate it!