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Friday, November 25, 2011

Chip In Fund for my Lilly Girl

I have some wonderful people in my life who have set up this fund for Lilly. If you want to help out, it is greatly greatly appreciated!!  You can consider it your Christmas present to Lilly, Phillip, and I!

"Lilly was lost for less than 48 hrs but when she was found Wednesday by her mom Jessica she was extremely ill. She has a fractured palate, a small fracture to her bottom jaw and blood to one of her eyes. It is determined that she had some kind of head trauma. Lilly got out of Jessica's apartment window yesterday (she fell out the window when the screen popped). Jessica is new to Charlotte and just getting settled in and this bill for Lilly is going to be extremely hard on them financially. If you can contribute any amount to Lilly's fund it would be greatly appreciated. This is the time of year when we need to think about others!"
8:45pm 11/24---- Update: Lilly is still doing okay. The Dr said she is more alert and her breathing is still good; she's not gasping as bad as she was. Her respiratory rate is good and she's still in the oxygen cage. They are having a hard time maintaining her temp but currently it is good, she said. She said that the fact that Lilly made it through the day was a huge good sign! I hope my sweet girl wins her fight. Again, thank you to all who have supported/are supporting in every way! It means sooo much!!
 6pm 11/24   Lilly Update --She is resting better this evening. Her breathing is a little less labored they said. They still have her in the oxygen cage to help her and of course she is still on her fluids and meds. Although still sedated she seemed a bit more responsive to me tonight than earlier. They said she hadn't been thrashing as much & that they feel that was more of her just trying to get comfortable than anything. Although I didn't talk to the doctor-just the techs-they feel she has a fighting chance if she makes it through tonight. I don't know how I'm going to do this but she deserves the chance to live if they think she's got it. Thanks for everyone who has donated through the "Chip In" link! Greatly appreciated!
Update 1pm  11/24:  Lilly is stable but not doing well. She was thrashing some while I was there & they said that was indicative of more head trauma than originally thought. Her swelling had gone down but her eyes still looked bad--though they said that was normal. She has to be kept sedated to keep her calm enough to breathe & she is in the oxygen cage to help. We'll see how she is this evening. I don't want to lose my girl but I don't want her to suffer either. :( My poor baby. They said her heartbeat is strong and she's got good color. She's on IV fluids and a variety of medicine to help.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My sweet "Lilly"girl got out Monday night and is still missing! Please help me spread the word to find her. She was lost in the Bexley Spring Farms Apartments in the Charlotte NC area near the Arboretum. Please help me bring my sweet baby home!!!!!
MISSING since 11/21 10:30pm
2.5y Spayed, Gray/Brown/Black Tabby
w/Burnt Orange Color on Belly
No collar
 HomeAgain Microchip #4A1378450B
“TigerLilly”—answers to “Lilly”
Skittish, but Sweet!
Last seen @ Bexley Spring Farms Apts.
Missed Greatly!

If found, please hold & call

Jess @843.345.5081  &
Piper Glen Animal Hospital @704.541.7171